Welcome to Imagine That Learning Center – an innovative half-day preschool program for ages 1-5 designed to encourage children to develop their imaginations and learn by play and hands-on exploration.   To learn more about each classroom, please select Half-Day Preschool and look for the program description for each class.

Our mission is to meet each child’s developmental needs by providing a safe and nurturing learning environment.  Our philosophy is based on research that shows children learn by doing, adding pieces of information to their understanding of the world around them through play.  We believe that child’s play is the foundation for learning.

We believe in positive discipline.  Children are guided to make the right choices and redirected if they make a wrong choice.  They are encouraged to use their words and not their hands if they are upset.  When teachers talk calmly and respectfully to a child, that child will learn to respect others around him.

Experienced teachers trained in Early Childhood Development and Elementary Education create a loving and fun-filled atmosphere through small group activities that will stimulate your child’s imagination and curiosity to explore the world around them.  Low teacher/child ratios insure plenty of individual attention.

As Owner/Director of Imagine That, it is fulfilling to be able to serve our families and play a special role in the lives of their children.  I would love to meet with you and answer any questions you may have about our programs. Tours are available Monday-Friday from 9:30-12:30 and can be scheduled by calling 919-362-6007.  Please e-mail or call me if you have any questions.


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